Dimmable LED Drivers and Smart Bulbs

My Osram Smart+ bulbs can dim when connected to SmartThings. Does anyone know whether I need to install dimmable LED Drivers for this feature to work properly, or are dimmable LED Drivers only needed when dimming from a physical dimmer switch?

You must be using UK terminology - not familiar with a ‘dimmable LED Driver?’

That said - you dont EVER dim a smart bulb from a physical dimmer. It must retain constant line voltage/amperage to operate properly.

You can simulate the ‘dimmer switch’ experience by having a dimmer style controller that either directly communicates to the bulb or through the use of an intermediary such as SmartThings tells the bulb that it should dim.

In my case, one of my Osram bulbs is dimmed through use of the Smart Lighting SmartApp in SmartThings. I used the ‘mirror’ function to follow whatever the main lamp in the room (which is wired to a smart dimmer switch, controlling a ‘dumb’ bulb’ in a ceiling fan) is doing.

So what are you trying to do?

Here they are in US.
They are used with physical dimmers to dim dimmable LED lights, but not smart bulbs.

Ahhh for low voltage LEDs, now I follow.

And no you still don’t use one…

Many thanks ever Nathan and Daniel. Kind regards, Simon