Dimmable 50/100/150-watt equivalent output 3-way LED bulb in soft-white

I have not been able to find much in reviews because by “dimmable 3-way” people think that switch on the lamp that cycles through the “dimming” choices. I have Zigbee dimmer plugs connected to my living room lamps and the 50/100/150-Watt LED 3-way bulbs I have are obviously not very dimmable because below 23% they start to flicker. I still want the 3-way option because if SmartThings goes offline, the outlets I have switch on once you cycle through the 4 choices on the lamp.

And to be a bigger pain, I like soft white over cool or daylight.

I like the extra brightness when I need it but the ones I have with their inability to go below 23% are just not cutting it on the dimming side.

Have any of you had any good experiences with bulbs like this?