Dim lights that have been on for x minutes?

I’m looking for a app that can dim a light that has been left on for 30 minutes. I can’t seem to find one. Is their a way to do it with smart lighting?

Hi @Zevans08, I looked again at Smart Lighting, and I didn’t see a way, but you could with CoRE. I just built a Piston with your requirements: (I’m testing now)

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Here you go. This is how you do it in smart lighting.

If you want it to turn off, but he said dim the light. :wink: Power allowance isn’t there for setting dimmer level.

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Ooops… I totally read that wrong! My bad… But hey… Off is still dimmer than on.


I appreciate the help from everyone. The Smart Lighting app thats turn the light off will work fine for what I am needing.

Thank you

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