Digits prior to name (alexa)

I am in the process of setting up all my locations in Alexa and I was wondering if I could preface each command with a digit first. For example:

Alexa, turn on “1st light” or 1 light.

Basically, can I use a digit in the name first.

Alexa is more likely to have problems with names like that, but would have no problem with “First light.”

If it’s a matter of wanting them to list in a certain order in the SmartThings app, go ahead and use the digits, but then put each light into an echo group with the word name in the Alexa app. So you would have a group called “First light” with a single device named “1st light.”

It’s unlikely that “1 light” will work in any configuration, as Alexa will likely interpret it when spoken as “a light” and then ask you which one you want.

But you can always try it and see.

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