Diffuser that Works with SmartThings outlet

Hi all,

Im looking for a Essential Oil Diffuser. I wanted to ability to turn it on and off from the Smartthings outlet, to have the ability to turn it on as I come home from work, to get the house smelling nice.

Has anyone had any luck connecting a diffuser to the SmartThings outlet? Which types?

Any plug-in diffuser that turns on when you plug it in should work just fine with a ST plug.


I know. But, just looking at Amazon and reading the reviews DON’T tell me that info. I was hoping i would run into someone who has ALREADY done this. Most new electronics, do not turn on via power source. Many now-a-days have an electronic push ON button that wouldn’t work for me.

Just look for one that doesn’t have any switch, or has one of those mechanical in-line switches on the power line. I have two wax melter things that my girlfriend uses both connected to SmartPower outlets.

Hi Brandon!

I use one like this from Glade:

I have it set to turn on when I arrive home and turn off when I leave home. I had it working like that for over a year, but the warmer stopped turning on. I replaced it with the same model.

This one has an in-line toggle switch, so I set it to always be on then just control it via SmartThings.


yes! exactly!

Good find! Thank you!


I did find this one, but it doesnt seem to be on the market yet and who knows if its compatible with ST. But still cool. Still looking for an in-line switched Diffuser. Anyone with info is appreciated. Thanks

Not available yet but…


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Walmart has a bunch of wax melters. My wife has one I switch on and off throughout the day, switch inline. It’s a nice light as well.

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LOL, RM will do that with ANY scent device and many thermostats. Good on them for pushing the idea though.

This is cool. Like how it works with nest as I have one. Wish ST would integrate Nest.

Cool. But I want a diffuser. Inline switched wax melter is my backup. But wifey wants an oil diffuser.

What’s RM? I like how it’s smart though. But I’ll take an in-line switched diffuser any day. As there aren’t any choices yet. Lol

Rule Machine, lets you do anything you want basically:

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We have 4 scentsy wax diffusers we use this way. Good stuff.

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We have a Scent HD Machine hooked up to a Smartthings outlet which turns on when the motion detectors detect motion or the garage or front door opens. Works great for us and provides and instant smell and its safe.

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Just wanted to let you know, that I got this wax melter off of Amazon and my wife LOVES IT! I have linked to her presence sensor. Only thing is, I have to remember to load it up with wax. They should make an app for that. :slightly_smiling:

So until a Diffuser turns smarter, Ill be using this.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

Or one turns dumb. How long does it take to warm up the wax to the point where it starts smelling good? My goal with a diffuser is to have it smelling good by the time the front door is unlocked.