Diffference between all modes on and all modes off?

My SmartApps have the option to “set for specific modes…” so I can have them only run in certain modes.

By default no modes are selected which I took to mean it would run all the time regardless of mode. If I then turn tick the night mode for instance so it only runs during the night there doesn’t seem to be anyway to then unselect all the modes so none are selected and put it back to how it was originally. If I unselect all modes and then save when I go back in the mode(s) I had ticked before are still ticked.

Is this a known bug?

Due to this bug I’ve turned on all the modes which seems to make it run all the time regardless of mode which is a bit confusing because as I mentioned above when you first create the smartapp all the modes are unselected but still run all the time.

Is there actually any difference between all modes selected and no modes selected as the result seems the same?

When no modes are selected, then it will run in all modes (it assumes no restrictions). When certain modes are selected, then it will only run in those modes (it assumes that it is restricted to those modes). This is by design.

EDIT: No modes = All modes (effectively)

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That’s what I figured. Selecting all the modes or none of the modes gives the same result.

They really should fix it so you can deselect all the modes to return it to the default state though rather than it ignoring what you deselect. As soon as I see a mode(s) selected I assume it’s being filtered (which may not be the case)

This is by design (so nothing to fix). I understand your point. By default, the assumption is that the app should run unless restricted to certain modes.

If modes are selected, then those are the modes in which the app will run. But keep in mind that there are multiple ways to limit or restrict an app. It depends upon how the developer asks for and uses modes. For what your looking at, it’s a restriction. However a developer can ask for a mode and use that information within the app to do certain things in one mode but not another (in other words, apply a limit or condition).

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I can’t replicate it.

I think you’re right. Doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been using it since 2014 and I’ve never had that happen.

I guess the question is which app? Did you really press done?

Yes, my question also would be exactly which app. I tried this with a couple of different things, including just adding a routine, and I didn’t have any trouble removing the selected mode after going back in.

So it’s probably just a specific smart app where the author didn’t allow for the possibility of going back.

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Hello the App i’m seeing this in is the “Notify Me When” app by SmartThings.

At the moment I have away, home & night modes selected. If I edit the setting and deselect all 3 modes and then come out and back in all 3 modes are still checked.

Thanks for confirming Robin. If you don’t see this behaviour in other apps I guess this is a bug.