Difference between pistons and fuel stream pistons


What are Fuel Stream pistons, what’s the difference between them and “normal” pistons, how to create them and why?

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I found this post when searching to show you an example of a fuel stream:


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Hmm. I looked over you example. So, I am trying to explain what I understand. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Definition of a fuel stream piston:
“A fuel stream piston is an ordinary piston that also gathers and provides a graphical of the data event(s)?”

That’s all? What I missed?

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There is no such thing as a fuel stream piston per se. Fuel Streams is a feature that allows collections of data points that can later be graphed together. Fuel streams are uniquely identified by canister and name. Canister is there for organizational purposes only, like a group, or a folder. Any piston can push a data point to a fuel stream, you can even have multiple pistons sending data to the same fuel stream - as a matter of fact, in order to save a data point to a fuel stream you need to use a virtual task provided, named Write data point to fuel stream. Just another task, really.

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