Did ST fix the add of second account?

Wonder if ST has finally fixed the addition of a second account, so I can add my wife under her own account instead of mine.


Yes. Many posts in the community about it too.

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Thanks. I must have not looked hard enough on the forum.

So now I can create my wife a whole new account and sign her up to ST under her own account? And this supposed to fix the presence issue :-)?

No worries.


Nope. :wink: That’s a whole separate issue and many, many discussions.

Crap, when I’ve had two persons on one account the ST support told me that I have issues with the ST randomly recognizing and not recognizing my phone will be fixed as soon as I sign up my wife on her own account.

Why don’t you try going for the ST presence sensor? Some people report that it works if you have a good Zigbee network. Some others say they suck.
Best case scenario: You spent $60 to fix the issue (your and the wife’s)
Worst case scenario: They go back to ST or Amazon. Both have 30-day return policies

YES . . . . BUT only to a certain extent, dont expect much more than been able to login to you hub from another phone with in another set of login details, it pretty much stops there . . .