Did SmartThings fixed everything at my home with new fix?

For past few weeks lot of connected (non ST) devices were behaving odd on my network. Like, nest used to drop off network frequently, my energy/solar monitoring device current cost/EKM Push were dropping off network too. IP cams were very slow to load , streaming from synology to roku was stuttering, Wifi on iphone and ipad was freezing.

I contacted support of nest , CC, EKM etc but they were not able to find out any issue with their devices, but EKM indicated they have seen this issue related to network flooding.

AND then like a magic all of sudden from today morning all the issue have resolved and everything is on steroids again.

I am wondering if ST was causing all these issue or it’s was just a coincidence ???

i call coincidence. Mot likely wasn’t STs.

I should have bought lottery too :wink:

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It’s possible that ST is the largest producer of traffic to all these cloud services. Pretty much everything relies on polling…

On the other hand it could have been a solar storm or something.