Did not parse message

I have a new SmartThings installation …
and yesterday I added one Vimar’s switch zigbee.
This switch is not compatible with ST, but the pairing has not problem, in Ide is shown like “Thing”, I modify in “zigbee switch” and the device work fine, but …
In Ide (log) there is this WARM, DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE and always in Ide the path of device has “Unknown route” but it’s not possible because I have only other two zigbee device and I have not ghost devices because this is a new installation …

Well, where is the problem ?
Why I have the warm (DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE)
Is a problem for the system ?

Thank you for help.
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That’s because the switch is sending additional data that the DTH doesn’t know how to process. More than likely you can ignore that, but if it’s valuable data, like energy usage, you may just need to try a different DTH like “zigbee switch power”.

Can you please share what the model number is for your switch? Also, please capture all of the text in your live logging for this line in particular:

This can likely be ignored:

Also, please take a screen of the device’s Raw Description. It should be in this similar format:

Ok, tell me if they’re good…

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That’s good for the “catchall: 0000 8021” message. That can be safely ignored and doesn’t cause you any harm. If you want that to go away you’ll have to create your own DTH to not display that message.

I still need to see the detail for the “catchall: 0104” message. It’s likely ok as well, but we should double check.

Can you tell me the model number of the Vimar switch?

It also looks like that switch could be configured to be either a toggle or momentary type switch, but I need to confirm once you tell me the model number.

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Yes, the model number is: 19592.0

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