Did anyone else just lose their entire home in the app? (Outage 14 Jan 2021)

Yeah, it happened to mine as well.

Mine retained customizations and automations. It all appears to be working again.

Fingers crossed. HAL is muzzled again…

I have two locations and one is MIA in the app. Doesn’t even show up.

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My Home Screen is rearranged. Sigh. Now I have something for the weekend.

And I’ve discovered nothing works. Sigh.

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My display also showed everything. Had to hide things I didn’t want and shuffle everything around again. What a pain.

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Not all, but most, oddly.

i will never ever purchase anything from these people ever, they once sold me vaccum it was even worse than their tvs and phones

Nothing working in the app for me. Hub shows connected (green light). Says lights are on from earlier but they are not on, turned off via Alexa. Automations haven’t ran since around 6:30 pm CT.

Automations seem to be working again but app is still useless.

I should clarify. It appears my Hue lights are not talking to the app but everything else appears to be working for the moment. Sensors and automations but no talky to Hue.

So right now, clicking on any of my rooms always opens the same room, and some buttons are not working, regardless how many times I “successfully” resync them.

Things in the app are flakey. Status is not updating on some. Some devices work fine. One hue light responds fine. The other will turn on but status won’t change.