Did anyone else just lose their entire home in the app? (Outage 14 Jan 2021)

Because… I just did, and there was an update it seems.

Yeah, same. It’s already on the status page.

Ah, ok. I checked 5 minutes ago and it was not on the status page, then I rebooted the hub and posted. Did not refresh the page.

I logged into ide to confirm that the hub was online after checking the status page and finding nothing, but after a few minutes, I got a text about it. Hopefully it is resolved quickly.

When literally all of your home’s fixtures are on Smartthings, this tends to be a big issue, haha. Ya, hopefully its rectified quickly.


Yes me too.

Same here in NE USA

And this is why I try to use smartlighting for EVERYTHING.

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Yup, me too. Samsung can not walk & chew gum at the same time.

me too, where is the status page I saw someone mention?

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I think after this more people are about to bolt.

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Ok, a bunch of lights just turned on at my place from automations that ran 10 to 15 minutes ago. Progress.

I’m at zero device connected. Whole house is down . Frustrating, Hopefully it will get worked out soon.


heh, i like this comparison.

a drummer has to be able to keep 4 separate rhythms.

Touch wood, I got control back at about 22:35 GMT (*), with residual issues caused by apps being out of sync with status of devices.

(*) My account is on the original shard so I tend to get hit by the US issues and not the UK ones.

I just lost connection in the App. I unplugged my hub and restarted it and now it’s showing as online. While the hub is now online the Smart Lighting app has decided to not work. Smart Lighting was showing as on in the app, but none of the automations worked. Now, it’s showing as off in the app and only says a network error occured when I try to turn it back on. Frustrating.

Yeah. Let’s enable a new feature, and hose all the old basic functions. My house just became HAL’s little brother.

“I can’t do that, Dave.”

everything seems to be working again

Did everybody else lose all their favorite customization in the app (Android here)? My home screen is back to defaults and showing every device. I’ve heard of that happening if you uninstall/reinstall the app but not due to an outage.

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