I have 2 Ikea Tradfri bulbs that I’ve been using for several years. I just noticed that one of them has DeviceWatch-Enroll info in the IDE device state but the other does not. They use the same DTH and the same firmware. What does DeviceWatch-Enroll mean and why would these two, otherwise identical, bulbs be different in this regard? Images below of the two bulbs from the IDE showing the device state:

Your “Last Updated” date/time is different between the two, which means something with your “Sink Light 1” bulb changed. Did you remove and rejoin it? Did you change the DTH and go back to stock?

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I did not remove/rejoin…however I may have changed DTH but even that would have been when I installed them in 2017. I did install some Zwave switches on the date of more recent update so I had to turn off/on the power to these bulbs since they were on the same electric circuit…would have have triggered an update when I restored the power?

It’s not a problem and both bulbs works fine so my question is more of curiosity. Also, ““protocol”: “LAN”,” …what does that mean since these are Zigbee bulbs?

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I really have no idea then. Typically I see that kind of change when tweaking the DTH the device is using, or rejoining it. As far as the other states, I have no idea either, but we can tag @tpmanley to see if he can chine in and enlighten us.

DeviceWatch-Enroll is to do with the Health Check capability. If you change handlers you can see residues of the previous handler so I’d assume one bulb was previous used with a different handler.

My guess was that it could have been used with the handler for a bulb on a Hue hub, or something like that.

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I think @orangebucket is correct. The ZLL Dimmer Bulb DTH uses the checkInterval event to enroll devices in device health and both devices shown have the correct value for that. The one with the DeviceWatch-Enroll event must have been using a different DTH at some time (likely Hue) for it to have that value. I think the end result of this is the one with DeviceWatch-Enroll will not be marked offline when it is actually offline due to the “untracked” scheme. If this doesn’t bother you then there is nothing you need to do. If that is a problem then the easiest way to fix it is to delete the device, factory reset it and join it again. You’ll have to reconfigure any SmartApps or automations that use that device though.


All good info…thanks to all that responded. I’m guessing that I may have tried a custom DTH (perhaps the IKEA Tradfri DTH) when I first installed but then went back to the standard ZLL Dimmer Bulb DTH.

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The LAN part of it suggest that most likely, as @tpmanley wrote, it was using the Hue DH at some point. None of the ZLL or IKEA Tradfri should have any LAN requirements as they are both zigbee DHs.