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I haven’t seen a specific close proximity sensor but I inadvertently made one once. I bought several of the Iris motion sensors a few months ago when they were on sale and buy 2 get 1 free. I wanted to try adjusting the sensitivity through various means in order to use outside. One of my tests was to try covering the center lens with different materials to lower the sensitivity. I tried everything from clear cling wrap to electrical tape. Some of the more clear items (wanna say like clearish scotch tape) reduced the motion sensor detection to like 3 or 4 feet or maybe even less. Since this wasn’t my end goal I didn’t pay much attention to which did what. It’s certainly something worth testing out for your own purposes with little risk as the sensor is cheap and tape won’t break it.

I’ve been to lazy to install it but in the end I created a snoot ie tube over the PIR sensor to create a very focused detection beam for the Iris unit. I just need to install it out front and properly aim it. The end game is to eliminate the repeated false detection’s the Arlo gives me out front and use this one some how to record front door video. I used some shrinkwrap for my snoot but may ditch that as I found the tube the little vials of superglue come in seem to be the perfect size. this way the whole thing is white and the tube is more durable than the shrinkwrap.


The Iris Keypad has a built-in proximity motion sensor that activates when you move your hand within about 6 inches of it.


Insignia Connect - Smart Plug Intergration

Smart TV?!?!

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I am brand new to ST so I may be missing something, but one thing I just can’t find is a simple table top controller like I had back in the old X10 days. It would just sit on a coffee table and allow me to turn 4 different lights one. I see some wireless options and that would be ok, but they all look so gody. I am under the impression that a simple table top controller does not exist for ST. Insteon has a nice looking wireless 4 thing/ scene switch, but I want to stay in ST and not need another hub.

Have you had a chance to look at the buttons FAQ? That lists most of the options. ( these are usually called “remotes” in a smartthings context, not “controllers,” by the way) ( this is a clickable link)


GE has a fan control module switch. Had it before and it integrated perfectly

That post you’re replying to is four years old.

Since then, the only ST-compatible device similar to the insteon fanlinc that I’ve seen is sold at Home Depot under their Hampton Bay brand.

Are you referring to a GE z-wave switch? Or a module that’s installed in the fan canopy (like the fanlinc or Hampton Bay module)? I’m not aware of GE releasing such a device.


A working Hub V3 aka 2018 versus v2.

Old timers.

Not sure if this is what was being referred to, but this is a GE z-wave fan control in-wall switch.

It only controls fan speed, apparently.

Not sure why we’re getting into four-year-old conversations again, but there is a current FAQ about options for fan control for anyone who’s interested ( this is a clickable link)


FYI Homeseer is clearing out their supply of the GE Fan controllers as of Oct.4th. $10 off or thereabouts.

You should post that in the deals section of the forum, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested. :sunglasses:


You mentioned the Lowe’s Irrigation controller; it wasn’t a “Lowe’s”, product, it was a re-branded z-wave device you could add to your network. Similar to the z-wave door lock I put on the front of my home. I had no problem moving my door controller to SmartThings. I wouldn’t have expected any problem in moving the irrigation conroller. (I am still thinking about installing one, but my wife is asking why? We don’t hardly use the irrigation controllers any more, anyway.)

I have the brand new Ring Door View cam (doorbell)… I use Classic app & the only options I see are Doorbell & Doorbell pro… I tried both of the only options & get:

Any ideas? The live view works great on Ring app. So I know it’s set up. Hmmm

Unfortunately, that model is not on the official compatibility list yet.

(I know I’ve said this before, but that’s because you’ve posted multiple duplicate posts throughout the forum.)

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

Since this is a very new model, hopefully more integration will be added in the future.


Abus Wireless door lock actuator Z-Wave HomeTec Pro CFA3010?

It’s a certified zwave lock, it should work with SmartThings unless there’s some S2 issue.

@rboy is an expert on locks and might know more. :sunglasses:

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Yeah it’ll work with this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH (custom config params is on the BETA version, if you have access to RBoy Apps send our support desk an email to get the BETA version link), you’ll have to put the device into S0 pairing mode (it’s disabled by default).

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I’m looking for a device that will install in a bathroom fan mounting box so I can control the fan separately from the light switch. Currently there is only one wire leaving the switch box and I don’t want to run a new wire to the fan. I’d like something that includes timer control.