Devices we don't have

Assuming folks are still watching this list: a couple forum threads discuss the lack of a natural gas sensor. E.g., this one and this one. This would seem likely to appeal to the safety-conscious.

It isn’t clear there’s anything on the market for this. I found a product by a manufacturer called NorthQ, but it is a meter-mounted device aimed at measuring usage, which isn’t exactly what’s needed for this application.


I feel the need to insist on that one… It would make a huge difference for me if the 2 and 4-button Leviton Vizia RF+ wall “switches” were properly supported. It’s great that we can automate all of these things with ST, but pulling your phone out for basic tasks is just a step backward in term of usability. It would greatly help with the “wife acceptance”.

  1. Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener
  2. Venstar T5800 thermostat with Skyport
  3. Integration with car automation in general (remote start, close sunroof and windows)
  4. More camera options than Dropcam (and live video support)

I was told by support that the GE Link bulbs are not officially supported.

How about the Honeywell RTH9580WF WiFi Thermostat It works with Wink APP.

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I’ve got one of these installed w/o problems that i’m very happy with. I even have 1 button controlling 2 different lights. You may want to check out this link for help. Leviton VRCS2

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All of the devices by ControlByWeb. These should be easy to interface to ST as they all talk http. These are industrial grade relays, some with digital inputs, and some with timers. Allows for discrete control of some devices (e.g. furnace controls) not otherwise controllable remotely. They also have temperature probes and temperature control relays (i.e., industrial thermostat). While accessible over the internet, they do not rely on the cloud to function per their onboard programming. These would be useful in applications where ST cloud disruption cannot be allowed to cause device malfunction for safety reasons. Hard applications like heating, pumping, etc., come to mind.

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Is there a way to get access to the OnStar in the vehicles? At least the GPS location?

I’d like to see a hack for older models of Samsung refrigerators that could add SmartThings connectability.

My fridge model is just 1 below the “smart” version, so it has no tablet / touchscreen … but it does have an electronics / cpu panel in the back with a JTAG (or ?) connector.

Difficult (but not impossible) to hack without the official service manuals and software, I bet; but obviously an official, supportable Samsung add-on plug-in would be nifty. Why upgrade a perfectly functioning major appliance just because it doesn’t have a $100 Android tablet on the front of it?

On the Bluetooth front!

I saw some comment about Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) presence support in another thread.
I see a LOT of opportunities in the presence detection space.

What I can see is:

  1. ST/BLE presence sensor with RX/RSSI threshold. (iBeacon to start with)
  2. One other option would be with the NEXT Gen Hub.

Option 1) would reduce the amount of HUB to cover different “Presence ZONE”! You see where I’m going!
Option 2) Would require multiple HUB… More expensive!



I am using two of these because they look more traditional and appear to have the functionality I need.

Bring on the support!!!

I am using:

GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)

It is working well.

I have the lights connected to a Linear Dimmer.

I would love to see Lutron Shade control.


Yup… We need this… there is a beautiful one that someone on the site put together with a nexus, but I would rather buy one.


+1 this! and something else to say to get us to 20 characters!


We are working on adding some Airfoil support to the next release of ObyThing Music. The update will allow you to select speakers via Airfoil or AirPlay (still Mac only). It’s a great alternative to Sonos if you have a Mac and some speakers that work with either AirPlay or Airfoil.

Nest Protect, Nest thermostat.


Still some hoops, but here is a 7 button scene controller.


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@Johnny_Davy: I have just posted a SmartApp that makes alarm system on/off keypad functionality out of a multi-button device, such as the Aeotec Minimote. Please take a look at the Topic and see if it sounds like it might meet your needs – or at least it is a proof-of-concept, I hope! Thanks! …CP.