Devices - Things - not showing up in Routine Creation mode

(Terry Brown) #1

I successfully setup two z-wave devices; a open close switch and a plug-in dimmer switch. I then created a test routine that gave me the option to include either or both of those devices in the routine.

Yesterday, I successfully added several more devices to my list of Things. When I created a new routine, the choices given to me were to turn on or off something, and when I chose one of those choices, the two original devices were still the only choices I had. None of my new devices were listed as possible devices to include in the routine.

How do I get the new devices to show up in my list of “Things” that I can use in a Routine?




From what you wrote I assume that when you look at “Things” in the mobile app you can see all of your things both old and new?

What are you trying to do with this routine and what devices are you trying to include in the routine?

(Terry Brown) #3

Hi Phil,

I first added two devices; an echo link door and window sensor, and a GE Plugin smart dimmer. I created a routine that when the sensor was open, the light plugged into the dimmer would come on. I deleted that Routine. I created another routine to just turn on the light.

A day later, I added another smart dimmer, another door and window sensor, and a smartthings multipurpose sensor.

All 5 devices show up in my “Things” list.

When I go to create a new Routine, my choices are:

  1. turn on these lights and switches
  2. Turn off these lights and switches
  3. Set Smart Home monitor to.
    4 Change mode to.
    Then some additional settings.
  4. Automatically perform routine
  5. rename routine

When I choose either 1. or 2. above, The only devices, or “Things” that appear that I can control are the two GE dimmer controls. Further, they are still named a different name than what they are now. It is like nothing updated in the software when the additional items were added. There is no listing of either of my door and window sensor or the multifunction switch.

When I created the Routine that I deleted at first, there were more options than just turning on or off a switch. How do I get the software to “see” my other devices, and the Routine choices to give me more options than I currently have.

Thanks for the help,



There was a problem in the last few days with connecting new devices. You may have run into that.

If So, you’re going to have to remove the newer devices from your account and add them back in. You can ask support for help with that.

The problem has been fixed now, so once you get them re-added I think they should show up in your routines OK.


Also, just to be clear… Only devices which have an on/off switch will show up in the list of things that you can turn on or off.

Your sensors should show up when you choose the “automatically perform when” option after you’ve selected the switches to turn on or off.

That will then give you a selection of triggers.

“When things start happening” means motion sensors.

“when something opens or closes” is for open/close sensors.

Those are the screens where you’ll be able to select from your sensors.


What JD said. His advice is always very helpful and accurate.

(Terry Brown) #7

Thanks so much for the information. I now understand. Mostly my unfamiliarity with the software was the problem.


(Terry Brown) #8

Thanks Phil, most of the problem was operator error!



As with many things, SmartThings is both versatile and powerful, but unfortunately is neither intuitive nor very discoverable. But you can always just ask in the forums if you get stuck. We’ve all been there. :sunglasses: