Devices that work with a fan controller

I have a ceiling fan where I can install a controller so it can be controlled by a single switch fan/light combo. Is there a switch that comes with a module to put into the fan that will integrate well with ST?


Unfortunately not, the only known module as such is the Insteon FANLinc module which doesn’t use ZigBee or Z-Wave, so not compatible with ST as such.

That being said you can technically connect an Insteon hub and there is community created code that connects to it but I don’t think it has been made to work specifically with FANLinc yet.

Do they make a smart switch for Fan/Light control in a 1 gang box like this:

I think I can run a wire pretty easily however I only have a one gang box at my disposal.

what about using 2 micro controller/switches at the fixture for both the light and fan?

That’s a possibility. Would a fan/light combo faceplate connect to 2 micro-controllers and allow for manual and automated settings?