Devices stop responding

Hi there, I’m having problems with my Smartthings hub and my devices. I’m new to Smartthings so this is becoming very discouraging.

The day before yesterday I paired my first device to my V3 hub, a multipurpose sensor. Immediately after doing so it showed up properly in the new app after being paired and openning/closing the sensor showed the correct status. A few minutes later my sensor, hub, and all my virtual switches that I’ve been using previously all went offline. I’ve been using virtual switches with Smartthings for a long time prior to this and have never had this happen. I attribute this 100% to the new device I just added. I restart my router and everything works just fine.

Yesterday I added a few new devices, an IKEA on/off switch and IKEA plug, however, pressing the buttons after pairing just showed standby and didn’t detect the buttons being pressed, the plug however worked and could be toggled. I restart my router and then it started working and showing the button presses on the switch.

I added a new device today and all of a sudden my button that I added yesterday stopped responding. So I restart router and it’s fixed again.

I have no idea what’s going on but this is really discouraging and I’ve spent a lot of money between all the devices with more on the way. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Several minutes have passed and now my IKEA on/off switch is no longer responding once again even after restarting the router. I removed and readded the device and it’s working again.