Devices starting with G or K offline!?

As of about 6pm on Saturday Feb. 8 US eastern time all my devices that start with the letter G or K are offline!? Routines worked and turned on the garden lights and then WHAMO! garden light do not turn off, can’t be controlled after power cycling the hub and the devices.

This is the second major loss of functionality in the last month. SmartThings used to be solid as a rock as but as of late I am spending way too much time just trying to maintain the functionality that I got used to having.

What kind of devices are these?

From the icons of the Kitchen ones, I can guess they are LIFX bulbs. They had a few issues during the past weeks. The new integration for ST is out already and available in the new app.

Search for recent posts about LIFX and you will see.

What are the other ones? Zigbee ones? You might have repeater issue there.

You can get better help if you tell what are these devices than just showing their names.

The recent outages have been resolved, but if you are experiencing any issues still, you can contact support also.

Kitchen devices are right next to the hub and LIFX mini color bulbs. All three are down but none of the other LIFX bulbs that I have.

Yes, many integration issues. A couple weeks agaonI was one of thirty fortunate people to have many account fubar’ed during a migration which broke al LIFX/SmartThings devices for me.

The garage devices offline are a mix of:
2 - GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb

3 - GE 14284 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch

3 - GE 14288 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Receptacle

But there is a regular SmartThings outlet
Plug in the garage that is working, right next to the nonworking devices.

New users can only put two links in a post. AwesomeZ I have thematic going for me.


LIFX is Wifi and connects to your home network. Unless you don’t have the Samsung Mesh Wifi Hub, then it doesn’t matter how far is it from the Hub. It can cause some interference if it is too close, but only for Zigbee.

SmartThings outlet is zigbee.

And all your other devices are Zwave. So look for the closes on to your Hub and try to power cycle that one first. You might have a bad repeater.
You can do a Zwave network repair from the IDE or from the App’s menu.

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