Devices randomly turned on

Hi guys, I had multiple devices (2) turn on at the exact same time. I was able to rule out webcore as I had full logging turned on for associated pistons and webcore did not trigger the devices. I was also able to rule out smartapps because I don’t have any smartapps that control devices.

I checked the IDE for the devices and they were both turned on at the exact same time:
date 2020-11-16 1:51:20.000 PM PST (2020-11-16T21:51:20.000Z)
This is strange because they both show turning on even at the same millisecond.

This leads me to believe it’s an issue with Smartthings itself. I’ve also never had this happen before. Is this more of common issue than I’m aware of? I feel like devices turning on automatically could be a safety concern. I know some people use smart plugs to ensure devices like hair curlers are turned off when they leave the house for peace of mind, but if devices automatically turn on I’d never do anything like this.

Over the last couple of months I have had a ghost in the machine that never existed for the last 5+ years. I will be sitting watching TV and BOOM, all the switches in the house turn on. Z-Wave and Zigbee (+bulbs). I have 125 devices and lots of pistons, it’s not that. It’s lke there is either a bug in the hub or I now have a magic RF Genie that hits the house.