Devices Randomly Go Inactive

Some of my connected devices go inactive randomly. How can I fix this issue? I’ve restarted the hub through the portal, removed the power and battery, removed the batteries from each device all with no change int he status of the devices.What I wind up having to do is repairing each device with the hub and this is a real annoyance that I would rather avoid because they are tied to active alarms or routines to record when motion is detected.

I think it’s important to note that for the Sengled and Iris Contact sensor, I have 1 more of each that are still connected and still active on my hub. The firmware is all the same, the distance and obstructions from the base are the same (the inactive devices are actually a little closer)

The devices are:

  • 1x Iris Contact Sensor
  • 1x Sengled Element touch
  • 1x Iris Motion Sensor
  • 2x Tyco Door/Window Sensor

I’m curious about this as well. I have 3x Iris Motion sensors, in various proximities to the SmartThings hub. At any given time, it seems that 2 of the 3 are working, and the 3rd is inactive. I can’t seem to find a cause as of yet. I’ve adjusted wifi channels and other network settings, but the problem seems to be present still.

Are there certain wifi channels or other settings that can interfere with communications?

That’s what gets me about the Iris Motion sensor. I use it to trip the camera aimed at the front of my house while the camera is safe inside. The camera’s motion sensor does not work through windows so the hidden motion sensor works great until it randomly goes inactive.

I thought I had my zigbee problems solved but I once again had bunch go inactive even though I changed my wife and sonos channels, bought more zigbee outlets, etc. VERY VERY annoying. Most of my problems are with ST motion sensors but also some open door sensors ST, PEQ, and IRIS.