Devices "offline", won't come "online" (March 2019)

Hi folks!

I have a V2 hub with around 60 devices connected - Leviton, Zooz and Honeywell switches, Samsung sensors, a smart lock, garage door opener, and a few other random sensors.

About ten days ago, roughyl half of them went “offline”. No rhyme or reason - no commonality among manufacturer, device type, wireless type, et cetera. As an example, I have two identical switches in one box - one went “offline”, one did not. Both work fine at the switch, but one doesn’t work at all from the app or IDE. Both Zwave and Zigbee devices are offline. I also have both Zwave and Zigbee devices online. Distance doesn’t seem to be a problem, because I have devices on the other side of the house that are online but ones line-of-sight to the hub are offline. Some of the devices have been in place for a year with no issues.

I’ve power-cycled the hub through the IDE, multiple times. I’ve power-cycled it by removing power, multiple times. I’ve run network repair, multiple times, both in conjunction with a power-cycle and without. I’ve also tried re-adding the “offline” devices with no luck.

Any thoughts? My next step is a full factory reset, which seems daunting.

Read this :

Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

OK, that appears to say that getting 25.27 would fix matters. And that everyone should have 25.27. But I’m still on 25.26. Is there a way to force the update?

That’s not actually what it says. It says the 25.27 was only released to some people.

(I know it’s a really confusing thread because they released an update, it had some bugs, they rolled it back, they released a patch, it had some bugs for some people but not everyone, then they released a patch only for the ones who had a bug with the previous one and started completing the deployment of the original. So, like I said, confusing. :scream:)

Anyway, if I were you I would put in an official support request and also put a post in the announcement thread in case anyone there has any ideas.

That is confusing. Thanks for clearing it up! I’ll try that.

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