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Devices offline, no fix in sight. Smartthings has acknowledged the bug

(Anders Heie) #141

Why don’t you read through this topic, all responses, and I think you’ll have a pretty good idea that things just ‘break’ all the time, devices pop offline, and you can find my other post where YOU GUYS, told me o leave device health off since it caused trouble. Your support team literally told me this, so clearly you are aware of the issues here. But even with it off, it happens ever so often. At this VERY point in time all my stuff seems to work, but two weeks ago I randomly lost 4 devices I had to manually clean up (Takes about an hour, since your app can’t even REMOVE a device if it has attached smartapps). What you need to to is get a tech team going, and a tester team, and TEST the crap out of it. Can I help, no, I don’t have the time to debug your system, I’m VERY busy. Maybe someone else here can do it, Lord knows there are enough people on this thread you can pick from.


@Arun_Rao1 there are 141 posts on this thread, majority of them describe symptoms and conditions that smartthings team could use for their investigations.

judging from @ncharlt’s latest post, it’s clearly related to interference with wifi devices (zigbee uses same frequency as b/g wifi networks) - it’s about time smartthings investigate interference issues in a lab and issue firmware updates to make their devices hop frequencies when they can’t reach the hub or work around interference in other ways.

I have 50 wifi devices at home and every day more and more devices get wifi features (fridges, toys, washing machines, switches, garage doors, etc) so the problem will only get worse.


Add me to the list of users who have their zigbee devices randomly drop. Requires a complete rejoin.

(Jonathan Musto) #144

Welp, everything has gone to sh!t with my ST network, after about 2-3 years of (mostly) happy usage, even the app tells me ‘Something is wrong with your network’. About 4hrs ago, a load of my devices went offline, even those that were still reporting online do not respond to commands (i.e. the official ST outlets). I’ve tried turning the hub off and removing the batteries for 30mins, still nothing works.

What should be my next course of action?


Read this, and email support. This may be related to what you’re experiencing.

(Tristyn Russelo) #146

I have been experiencing this issue too.
Some official Samsung sensors, and zwave bulbs show disconnected in the new ST app.

All automations work
They show online and working in ST Classic.
They show online and working in IDE


  • pull the sensor battery for 10 seconds. (or turn off power to the bulb for 10 seconds)
  • done
    *** no need to delete and add device ***