Devices offline, no fix in sight. Smartthings has acknowledged the bug

(Mark) #121

At least on of the updates did this. Shame on SmartThings!


I had the same experience as you, except it’s for my local devices (hue bridge and lights, zigbee samsung switch and zigbee yale door lock) and also my WeMo switch. All of them are offline. The only thing that shows up as online is my Arlo system because it’s cloud connected.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the samsung outlet because it’s samsung, so it should work, right? It didn’t.

I’m stuck here, can’t get it fixed and nothing works anymore.

For me it started on Friday Dec 29 sometime during the day, can’t tell exactly at what time.

EDIT: the strangest thing happened. I’ve pressed the button on the back of the hub to factory reset it for 10 seconds, until the green light turned orange. Then it blinked and went back to green again.

Then everything was back to normal! It didn’t factory reset, and all devices came back online. I will not recommend to do this before backing up everything you’ve got saved in the hub (I did it but I’m ok with reprogramming it). But it might solve some of your issues.


(Greg) #123

You can add me to the long list of customers with this issue.

In my case I have one hub and 9 powered (not on batteries) Z wave Thermostats (CT100Plus) units. 4 are one hop to the hub and the other 5 are two hops all seem to be working OK and are being driven by the Smarthings Hub.

Randomly (both time, day and thermostat) one or two will be “unavailable” they seem to be working OK but the mobile app says they are not working… I have turned off device health to see if that helps.

Any other advice?

((Possibly not the Matt you're looking for)) #124

Some thoughts on this:

(A) One solution I’ve found to sometimes work for “offline” Z-wave switches and outlets is to edit the address in the SmartThings IDE device profile of the problematic device. So, if the address that the device has been assigned is listed in the IDE is “35,” I will edit that to “35-temp”. Once you do that, the hub should no longer recognize the device because the profile points to an address not on the network. Then, I re-pair the device with the hub as if it were a new device. Suppose it is assigned the address “40.” I’ll then edit the new device profile, editing “40” to “40-temp” [because you cannot have 2 devices with the same address], and go back to the original profile for the problematic device, and replace “35-temp” with “40.” So, the newly assigned address is now connected with the original device profile – saving you the trouble of having to re-program all your apps, automations, and such.

(B) This doesn’t always work, however. I’ve attempted “A” and the device profile page still lists problematic devices as “OFFLINE”, even when those devices have been assign a brand-new address by the hub. This is a hassle, because being tagged (incorrectly) as OFFLINE seems to prevent our Amazon Echo from talking to a device – even if we can control that device in inside the SmartThings environment! My absurd solution for this is to create a virtual switch that controls the “offline” switch via a simple SmartApp. Oddly, our Echo can control the virtual switch, which then in turn controls the “offline” switch, within the SmartThings environment. The whole thing is very Rube Goldberg-esque, but it works.

(Greg) #125

So I guess everyone knows that yesterday Samsung flung out an emergency update. Something about video streaming… Have they fixed off line devices and the whole device health mess yet?

(Greg) #126

Answering my own question. On my hub I turned “Device Health” back on this morning…

Now running 19.20 and the closest thermostat, the one in the room with the hub, is now reporting “Unavailable”

So we need to wait for at least 19.21 before we can turn on device health again… Grumble Grumble.

(Laurence Gough) #127

We have had all sorts of problems here with our SmartThings system ever since we first got it around a couple of years ago.

Sensors just go offline and never come back, or they just go offline very often for no reason There seems to be no pattern to it at all! It happens to all sensors, even the Samsung ones (mainly!).

Just a couple of days ago we bought a brand new Smarthings motion sensor and ever since connecting it, it’s been going offline constantly in the logs. We have various Samsung sensors stuck perm offline, the only way to get them on is to manually remove and put the battery back in, sometimes you even need to hold the button in at the same time as doing this. The amount of times I have had to delete devices and readd them is insane.

We have turned on insecure rejoin so I know people are able to exploit the various IOT flaws but with this feature turned off (secure) it’s an absolute joke as devices go offline left right and centre more than before!!!

It’s really not a great security system as unless you are present to manually reset the sensors it doesn’t work. Not very convenient either!

We have tried two different WiFi routers and have even turned off the 2.4GHz network, verified by a network scanner to make sure it doesn’t effect the ZigBee network but still no difference.

All of the Samsung devices are up-to-date firmware wise but all they did was drain the battery right down by a rather large percent!

We have installed the recommended batteries as suggested, Duracell if I recall and they can run down to 1% in a matter of weeks, this is on the official sensors…

Really getting to the end of my tether now! There have been a number of years to iron these issues out, at first I didn’t mind as I thought as an early adopter these big issues would be sorted out! The Smart Lighting SmartApp has a ton of issues with actions not working correctly and a lack of features too.

All of these issues I have raised with support but it never seems to get anywhere, I can see many others have the same issues too!

(Greg) #128

If it helps, I can wake my thermostats back up without booting anything, pulling batteries or rebuilding my ZWave network,

If I get an unavailable (with health on) or just plain wonky (with health off) thermostat on my dashboard of favorite tiles… I click the problem tile, then I click the “SmartApps” tab, then I click any of the “canned” Smart Apps (Goodbye!, Good Morning!, etc). Then I just back out without touching or saving anything and like magic the dead thermostat starts polling again. Try it… see if it works for you.

All of the Samsung Support suggestions which included Boot the hub, unlink and relink the thermostats, buy Zwave repeaters, move the Hub, run the thermostats on power only (no batteries) on batteries only (no power) run both. proved unsuccessful. They asked permission to remotely monitor my hub, which I granted, so they can see the problems too, As others have posted this is not new and not unknown, but sadly seems to be a challenge for Samsung to fix.

It is ironic that I set this up because we just bought a “big” house (~5000 sqft) and I wanted to know remotely what the various zone thermostats were doing without walking room to room. The word for that is “lazy”. But with the Samsung system I’m getting lots of exercise as I go up and down the stairs to see if my son’s room really is a sauna or if the Master Bathroom really is a meat locker…LOL… I manage a fairly big IT shop so I think this fun my wife is less impressed.

(JCNY) #129

Add me to the long list of customers not happy with the “Device Offline” problem which Samsung hasn’t been able to resolve. I have 5 leak detectors at home and they sporadically go offline (they were bought 2 months ago). The whole point of having leak detector is to prevent costly water leak problem, but Samsung does not seem to think that way. I have to check the app everyday to make sure they are all online, and do one of these, 1) remove the battery and reinsert it, or 2) perform a device reset and add reconnect it using the app. At a minimum, there should be a warning to the customer if a device goes offline.
Anyone know how to initiate a class action? Samsung can expect a lawsuit from me if there ever be water damage and the devices are not notifying me.


Are your devices zwave or zwave plus?

(JCNY) #131

They are Zigbee.

(Anders Heie) #132

Looks like Smartthings has pulled a quick one on me and enabled Device Health during on of their software upgrades in the past few weeks. I only noticed as I lost a couple of devices again. Good grief ! Beware, this can happen.


Same here.
ST used to be super reliable.

For the last 6 months it has been an unusable MESS.

“Helpful” users on this forum suggest that I should just re-add the devices.
Sorry but I can’t run around for HOURS EVERY WEEKEND to get my smart devices to work with this @#$%@$#% Hub.
I now have 30+ devices that do not work.

WTF? Samsung should be FIRING everyone in the ST division.

(Anders Heie) #134

Their support team just confirmed that they “have not yet fixed this bug”… One would imagine136 replies and 20K views might sway them, but not. SO, keep your device health off, and check occasionally as they like to turn it on behind your back. Aye.

(Arun Rao) #135

@themightypope, @coolVariable

I am sorry about your experience with Device Health. If you can share some more information I will try to dig more into the problems.


(Kyle Mizell) #136

I have recently started having this issue. It started a couple of weeks ago, and it’s really annoying. It seems to largely target a couple of LED strip lights, but will also randomly impact other devices like multi-sensors.

I have had luck in resetting the devices individually, but this is a pain in the butt having to repeatedly do this. I sure hope there is a fix coming soon, or my wife is going to rip it all out and throw it in the trash. :frowning:

(Scott Bronder) #137

Add me to the list. I’ve had a hub for about 2 months with about 20 devices of various types. I’ve had to re-add them at least twice now. This is not a solution at all. Imagine if you used this for a security system. What a joke.


same problem here. have about 10 smartthings zigbee devices… all of them except 2 went offline in the last 6 months… some of them are not easily accessible (motion sensors in apartment corners) so I’m not looking forward to resetting them or re-adding them :frowning:

(Anders Heie) #139

Oh no, almost a year after I started this very popular post, it’s happening again. My devices are dropping off. This time Samsung’s support suggested it could be due to low flying helicopters. That’s right. You want to make sure you don’t live near a heliport (or anywhere in Las Vegas like me). But wait, no, I’m serious. That’s what they actually said. Here’s the quote:

“Please keep in mind that the supported ranges for Z-Wave devices are also 30 feet from the Hub or the nearest Z-Wave repeater. Distances any further and we suggest placing another repeater in between to strengthen the signal. While devices may function at longer distances, signal strength will degrade pending environmental conditions and with a weak ( but barely functioning signal ) a device may get bumped off from something as simple as a low flighting [sic] helicopter.”

(Neil Charlton) #140

Hi. I’ve solved this problem for my own particular case - and it’s worrying! I’m in the UK and have a lot of devices, every single one of which is listed in the Smartthings store as compatible. I’ve had them randomly becoming unavailable for many months and have tried moving the hub and router, rebooting etc etc - all with no luck.

I have two Wemo bulbs (listed under lights on Smartthings and not needing a separate hub). I accidentally turned these of at the wall recently and all my unavailable devices came back online within a few seconds. I then turned the wall switch back on and, after a few hours, random devices started becoming unavailable again. Turning the wall switch off again immediately brought them all back. This scenario is absolutely and reliably reproducible (for me).

I now know what the problem is in my case but, of course, it means I can’t use my expensive bulbs and the whole experience had left me with zero confidence in Smartthings. I’m only replying to this thread in case my information may help others or might point them in the right direction.