Devices offline, no fix in sight. Smartthings has acknowledged the bug

(Jeremiah H) #61

Any resolution to this issue? Or is there any way to roll back the SmartThings firmware?


There apparently has been no resolution to this problem.

I decided to see if this was a Z-Wave problem or a SmartThings problem. I ordered a VeraPlus and painfully (I have many devices) switched them from ST to Vera. All are running reliably. No issues whatsoever.

However, I have to say that the Vera platform is not for the faint of heart - their programming capabilities in their base product are limited. In order to advance with any logic at all, you have to use a complicated plug in (PLEG - like WEbCore), or program in their basic language (LUA). I’m not sure that I want to do that.

Nonetheless, the point I’m making is that SmartThings is having issues of reliability, and Vera is not with the same devices.

What gives?


What gives is that the staff and myopic brand loyal fan base here refuses to recognize that ST is a trainwreck with no end in sight. There are reliable options in the same price range. You and I have figured that out. ST has been struggling with reliability related to its cloud based system literally for years. I keep checking in to this forum hoping they’ve come up with a solution as STs market size and open nature does give them value, but it’s always another thread with the same recurring issues.

If ever there was a poster child for Sunk Cost Fallacy, SmartThings is it.

(Matt) #64

Same issues here. I have a Z-Wave dimmer/plug that works reliably for a few hours, then drops offline. Same with a couple of my lights. If I toggle the switches on manually, they reconnect immediately and I regain control through the app for awhile.

Just one more dissatisfied customer story.


Does anyone know if the new firmware fixes this problem?


Not fixed. My motion sensor came off line and I had to take the battery out 3 times before it came back on line. My Xiaomi sensors are all fine.


I have heard from various inside sources, that this issue of devices going offline, only affects battery powered z-wave devices, and NOT battery powered z-wave PLUS devices.
Can anyone confirm that?

(Cj) #68

I have zwave plus multisensors and they are reporting fine, but literally everything else has issues, and they are all zigbee or zwave. So I guess you may be correct zwave plus unaffected.


My Motion Sensor keeps going offline.

I have removed the battery, and even without battery, currently In “Things” I see a sequence of narratives “Socket is Unhealthy”, Received new client registration", “Registration with Client Connect”, “Checking Connection”, and finally “Connection is healthy”, even though it is deliberately taken offline on this occasion. Hub firmware is 18.21 and Device Health is off.

Smartthings - please sort this. I have also opened a support ticket from the app. It is most frustrating!


Seems like my Samsung sensors all like to take their turns dropping offline. Admin can check each device history to verify those quiet periods when the sensors drop off.

My wifi is on channel 1 and my ZigBee is 24. There shouldn’t be a problem. Heck the router and hub are on different floors.


I believe it to be a bug with the SmatThings Hub. In my opinion, it doesn’t happen with zwave plus devices (or is easily rectified).

(Steve C) #72

So I’ve been having the exact same thing happening to me for a few months. Now as much as every week. I have about 40 things (GE switches & Water sensors) both will go off line but not all. about half each time and not the same ones. To get them to work I have to cut power for a few seconds at the breaker and wait about an hour. Then they slowly come back online.

BUT and here is the main thing. I also have Vera for 2 GE wall switches and Vera will go out at the same time as smartthings. I’ve been thinking it’s my internet provider as the only common denominator is the internet. When the devices start working again both vera & smartthings start at the same time. Could the dynamic IP address changing have anything to do with it?

(Andrew O ) #73

since a few hours back most of my devices went offline - I have only zwave and zwave plus devices
all my smart bulbs went offline, but PIRs did not. i.e. those still report movement as applicable.

Hub status seems to be online.

Strange is that I have a zwave door lock which reports status but does not accept commands.

Do you have any suggestion?

(Mark) #74

I’ve been battling this off and on for a couple of days now.

(Greg) #75

I’ve had the same issue for awhile now. I have the same problem devices where I have to pull the battery every few days or they stay offline. It got a little better on 18.21 but it is still happening


I have a suggestion, which may or may not work (please let me know).

  1. take a battery out of the Hub.
  2. take the ethernet cable out of the Hub.
  3. take the power cable out of the Hub. (please do those instruction in that order).
  4. let the hub remain that way for 5 minutes.
  5. put cables back, and then put battery back.

That may fix the problem.

(Tom) #77

Tried it … Didnt seem to work…


I have another suggestion. Again, this may only be a shot in the dark. Go
online and chat with Support. Ask them to delete any “phantom” devices that
are in your Hub.
After you do that, repeat the previously mentioned procedure. Your mileage
may vary. If I knew of a better, more complete Home Automation controller,
I would recommend it.


Interesting. After I had many devices go offline, (and becoming very
frustrated with ST support), I switched everything to a Vera Plus for a few
days. No issues. (I have since switched back for a variety of reasons).

(Mark) #80

I was just looking at the Vera as well. What made you switch back to smart things? I had no problems until this last update. Devices offline, my garage is saying it opened kicked off my routines, when it didn’t. Just been frustrating.