Devices Not Being Displayed (Jan 2024)

My Smartthings App has stopped showing all but 1 of my devices. That one device is a TV and it is showing off line. I am getting notification on my phone and on the App Notifications page when a previously installed and working multisensory is opened, so the device must be connected and working, but nothing is displayed on the history page. I tried to “readd” the multisensor but the App did not detect it. How do I get my Devices and Favorites back? I miss my SMARTTHINGS.

There are a couple of things you could check.

One is that you haven’t somehow created a new empty ‘Location’ and have that selected in the app (the drop down list at the top of every tab except for Menu).

Another is that ‘Select devices to use’ (in the three dot menu on the Devices tab) still has all your devices selected.

A less likely third option would be if your account was invited to the Location and the owner has removed access to devices at their end.

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He should also log in to the ST Advanced Web App since it gives the platform view vs the mobile app view. It also shows all devices and their associated locations.


Success! After touching Home in the upper left corner of the APP and selecting Home everything returned to normal. Thanks for the help.