Devices going off line intmittantly

Having trouble with my Schalage Connect showing off line but the lock still operates via smartthings app. Then next day it may show up as normal again then two days later it shows as off line and I have done nothing. I have checked hub and router connections and batteries all is good. Hub is only 3ft from device. This is a vacation home and it has worked flawlessly for the last year no problem. I have exact same set up on my main home no problems.
Not sure if this is correct forum for this issue, please advise if not. I have read that other have had similar problems with other devices intermittantly going off line.
Any help or ideas appreciated.

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Try adding a buffering device between the lock and the hub. If the ping message is lost then it’ll show up offline.
See this topic for details

Thank you, I am going to have to read this thru a couple of times to get the whole gest. You guys are on a much higher level than this old truck mechanic. While I think I understand it, I may have to contact you for some support.
I sincerely appreciate the info.
It does make sense why this started happening. I just installed a Z-wave water control valve on opposite side of wall from hub. Both the lock and valve are equal distant from hub.
And just when this old guy thought I was a tech guru.:rofl: