Devices dropping and you have Osram devices - read this

For the past months I had random issues with devices dropping on a regular basis.
SmartThings sensors were the first ones to drop.

I was loosing faith in ST.
Then I realised that my Osram bulbs were causing other devices to drop.

I sold all of them and ST started working fine.
Last days I had a few issues with devices dropping.

Guess what…it was in the same day I replaced the battery in my Osram button (the last one from that brand).

So if you have Osram stuff throw them away…

Did you ever upgrade the firmware of your OSRAM (Sylvania) devices? The newer firmware fixes most of the issues with ZigBee repeating.

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If you.dont have the Osram hub how can you update the firmware?

exactly…no hub. Updates only via ST.

OSRAM (Sylvania) devices in the U.S. can have their firmware updated though SmartThings. I don’t think that feature has yet been released in the U.K. If you do live in the U.K., I’m just suggesting that buying an OSRAM hub to update the firmware might be a more cost effective solution than throwing it all away.

I replaced those with Philips and I am very happy with those. :slight_smile:

Let me try this another way how do you enable the firmware updates through SmartThings?