Devices disappearing?

Coming home tonight I noticed a smartapp didn’t trigger when one of the garage doors opened. Checking, the Ecolink garage tilt sensor device is just gone. Deleted and removed from all relevant smartapps as well. Not stranded or found in My Location list of devices either. I know it was not removed by me or anyone intentionally.

Anyone seen this before or have an explanation? Contact/tilt sensors are security related devices so this is worrisome.

I’ve had that happen too and support just implied I must have activated exclusion mode… but I am sure I have not in the majority of the cases where it happened to me. In most cases I was able to locate the device by going to “My Locations”, then “List Devices”. The missing device was listed as “REMOVED” under status. This has happened to me several times and I was never able to figure out why. Tech support was unfortunately not of much help either.

I expected to find it in My Locations as “Removed” but it was not there either. In order to exclude that device you would have to climb a ladder and remove the battery, activate exclusion mode, and reinsert the battery. In order to force delete it you would have to remove it from either smartapps manually first.

Neither of those possible cases happened. It just disappeared. Seems like some kind of data/corruption type of issue. I have so many devices it would be easy to not notice if a water leak sensor or infrequently used contact sensor were to disappear.

FWIW, I just found that I also had a sensor recently disappear entirely. Checking my grovestreams account that also used that sensor, it seems to have ceased existence on 10/1/16.
I submitted a support ticket, hopefully this is a rare event cause for which they can track down.