Devices delayed

Anyone else having issues with devices responding? I’m seeing up to several minutes of delay on my lights from the app.

Yes same here and alexa has also stopped controlling any device integrated through smartthings like my hue bulbs are all turning on and off with a big delay and also my yeelight virtual controller through smartthings switch, iftt and Alexa is also having a delay. What are you experiencing?

Same thing. I use Google Home and all devices linked to it through Smartthings are non-responsive/severely delayed (5+ mins in some cases). All my devices (Wemo, Harmony Hubs, etc.) work fine through manufacturer apps/outside of ST.

Looks like a ST issue.

Since yesterday, when I tell google to power down a group of lamps, it powers the whole house down and same when I turn the lamps on… :frowning:

Yep. Long delays. Also, variables in webcore are calculated late or lost.

Also experiencing long delays… mostly with presence sensors showing up as arriving about 10 minutes after they actually arrive. Everything else seems to be working fine.

Anyone else experiencing this again tonight?

Yes also experiencing significant delays and strange behavior on Zwave devices.