Devices considered disconnected unknown, but they still work, how to fix?

I have had a few devices in a “broken” state, where the app says they aren’t available, but their actions still work. Like the Siren i can cause it to test, turn off, and the apps can still trigger it. The problem is it looks horrible and was playing with the new SmartThings app and this app doesn’t like that it is “Broken” and doesn’t allow me to open them a lot of the time.

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Unfortunately this is reality with the new app. You’ll get a lot of replies, and see a lot of discussions about this exact problem. Unless you have a burning desire to use the new app, or a Samsung appliance that requires it, the Classic app is still OK to use. I can’t even use the new app, and have a few open support tickets right now in flight, so maybe one day the new app will be usable (it’s been over a year so far)…

There are a few discussions talking about the differences and pros/cons, so do a quick search and you’ll find some of the popular ones. It’s getting better, but it has a long way to go in my opinion.

Is there anyway (without removing and re-adding) to get a device out of the Offline state?

Yes 2 options

  1. When the device sends its next event (force a manual update or whenever it sends some info) it will be marked as active
  2. Use the Classic app and turn off Device Health in the app settings

At the IDE, send a restart to the hub. That worked for me.

How are you forcing a manual update? Is this in the API portal?

Use the Classic app and it if the device has a refresh button (e.g. Locks, Switches etc) then you force a manual update, some devices like the 4 in 1 sensors have a little push button to wake them up and send a report.