Devices behaving badly


(John Harlow) #1

Today something odd has started happening. I get notifications when events happen (such as unlocking a door) but only a few of my device commands are responded to. For instance I can turn any light on, but I can’t turn any light off. I am reading the right settings from my thermostats but they aren’t reacting to my commands. The app correctly reports the status of any device but can’t toggle anything.

I’ve rebooted the smartthings hub; I’ve cycled power to it; I’ve pinged the hub via the developer tools and I’ve unloaded reloaded the app on my phone.

Looking for advice

(John Harlow) #2

I just came across the performance problem announcement. That is probably what is hurting my installation

(ecksomperudenlign) #3

Where is this announcement? Thanks.

(John Harlow) #4

This is a good place to start