Devices all changing to disconnected

Until last week I was using the classic app on my IOS device and never had any issues. I thought I would try the new app so I removed all my automations with the old app, deleted it and then downloaded and signed in with the new app. My devices all appeared ok and I recreated the automation rules.

2 days later I notice that one of my devices was being reported as disconnected and my best attempts to reconnect it, including changing the batteries failed. Eventually I had to force it to delete, reboot the hub and add it back in again. I then noticed that 2 other devices had gone to the disconnected status.

To cut a long story short I have had to delete all my devices, reinstate the classic app and add them back one at a time. So far everything is working ok ?

So - can anyone give me an idea as to what might have gone wrong ?


Can you provide details on what devices are showing as disconnected and are they using custom device handlers?

I have

4 Aoetec Door Sensors (Version 5)
1 samsung button
1 Aoetec Indoor Siren

None of them need any custom sensors and are recognised immediately.

All worked perfectly until 2 days after the new app was used - but that could be co-incidence of course

You can use both apps with the same Samsung login so there is no need to delete the Classic app when you install the STSC app :slight_smile:

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Im having the same problem. One of my door sensors (Samsung multi) and a Samsung plug show "disconnected " in the new app but not in the old. Its troubling since we’ve been broken into recently and its hard to sleep not knowing if the door sensor is armed. Would appreciate any help.