Device zigbee Route

I have some zigbee devices and for some I see in Ide (section Route) Unknown Route (???) and Unknown Device …

I took one reset (hub) but nothing has changed; the devices work fine but I don’t like this Route … how I can fix it ?

Did you have a previous device that was removed/deleted that could have had device ID 414A?

Do you have any Zigbee devices offline, or unplugged (or physically off power)?

A hub reset doesn’t repair a Zigbee mesh, so instead power down your hub for at least 20 minutes (I usually do it for 30 minutes). This will cause your Zigbee devices to “panic” because there’s no hub, so now power back up your hub. Your Zigbee mesh and devices will go through a healing process. Within 24 hours you should see that route above clean up.

If you have a v2 hub, make sure you remove the batteries.

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