Device won't respond to sensor

I have a light that won’t turn on via the automation set with the trigger being a motion sensor. But, I can turn it on from the myhome things button. And a different light will work from the automation routine via the sensor.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Bob

You can maybe check the IDE live logging and check the difference between your automation and the app on the light.

You should see in the live logging 2 kind of logs you can filter on: the smartapp/trigger and the lamp itself.

On the lamp log, you have to see a “on” event.
On your smartapp, you have to see something triggering the on event happening just before time wise.

Hope it helps

I don’t what IDE live logging is but when I looked at the event log I saw that the sensor triggered but an on command to the light was not sent.
But, I figured out my problem. If you alter the device list in the automation panel, you must go on to the “next” panel and click “done” on this panel for the change to be effective.
Very misleading because if you change the device list without advancing to the next panel, the new device list continues to show, even going out and back into automation.
I discovered how this works after removing (only thought I did) the original light set up for the automation yet it was still turning on from the sensor.

Problem solved but still interested in what this IDE logging is.
Thanks, Bob

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Sorry for late answer…
Live Logging is a logger provided by the IDE, see the red frame. The great thing is that this is way more synched than the app and you can jump from devices logs directly. They will appear in the order of the logs (the log.debug or in the code of a smartapp or a DTH) as you see in the blue frame here. You can mix all devices logs by the “All”. One big limitation, the log lives only if your browser page is refreshing. If you close it, previous logs are lost in live logging but you can still get the event list going through the My Device list of the IDE.
In the live logging, the blue UIID on the left of the event can help identifying which device is showing the logs in case you are using the “All” option.

Hope it helps

I have issues with light automation as well. Instead of shutting off when motion stops which it does it also on occasion whenever it wants just turn on all the lights in that automation for no reason. Just now I walked into the kitchen to find every light on. They were all off. And the only light set to turn on is one and that’s after sunset (20 min).

As general behavior, bulbs turn on if they re-attact the network after being lost.
This can be confirmed going in the IDE hub event logs befor the time you found them on. You would find a “attach” log on the device ID of the bulb.

Otherwise, if an automation turned on the bulbs, you will find a “turned on” event ine app device event. This means something triggered it On.
Going then to the mobile app event history you shoild be able to find what sent that event by checking what happened just before the time the device turned on.

hope it helps

App just said light turned on. These bulbs are on a switch so they do not turn on when power is lost or connection is. I have 250 devices and know how each act. The lightify lights are unpredictable always has been but the switches have been rock solid. The smarrthings multi purpose sensor sucks. Battery drain and report of percentage for battery. I will get iris window sensor much more reliable. Smarthings Water sensor great. Motion detector good except the same battery holding flaw. To loose and causes issues. Again I like the iris or aeon motion. Also tells you more info. This is an issue with smart lighting Automation period. I had a few but I redid all of them and I have an issue with some not all. So far 3 out of the 15 or so I have set up. I have attached screenshoots. When a command is sent it says so. Like the one turn on when garage door open. Or the last when I talked Alexa to turn off the damn kitchen because all 5 lights were on.

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