Device with reverse push button functionality

Is there any device available which provides us ‘push button’ type of functionality in reverse order?

What I want is a device which connects two wires/finishes circuit when I press the button in Smartthings app momentrly and then release it.

Just like push button but in reverse order.
In push button, when we push that button, it sends signal to Smartthings hub and some action performed.
But in my case, I want pushing button thing happens in smartthings app and accordingly circuit (two wires get connected) finishes.

Do we have any ready made device for that? Or can we hack/reuse any existing device for this cause?


There’s the water leak device handler. It detects a circuit closing (contacts being wet). Will that work? You can probably modify it to suit your needs.


Thank you for responding.

But I want exactly opposite to it.

water leak detector would tell me when the circuit is completed due to water leak… but i want the circuit to be completed when I want with push from Application.

Hemanshu Patel.

Not sure I understand, but presume it’s just language hurdle…

A Momentary Button doesn’t hold a State; it creates a single event “Pushed”. Since there is no “Released” Event, a Momentary Button is like an “on” immediately followed by “off”.

Are you saying you want, instead, “off” followed immediately by “on”? That’s a trivial modification to a simulated Button, but doesn’t represent a Real Button. For a Real Button, you can handle your requirements easily in custom SmartApps.

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This is exactly what I want:
A Momentary Button doesn’t hold a State; it creates a single event
"Pushed". Since there is no “Released” Event, a Momentary Button is like
an “on” immediately followed by “off”.

See you are explaining me the perfect scenario of a push button. When you push it, it send event pushed and then release event.
I was wondering if there’s something which can do the same in reverse order.

When I push a button from application it send pushed event and then released event to ‘device’, which then momentary finishes a circuit and then release/unfinishes it. It’s like switch on and then switch off.

Hope I was able to explain properly.

I think we are getting closer to understanding. :slight_smile:

If you wish to conform to SmartThings standard device type Capabilities, there is NO “push button” that has two Events (pushed + released), therefore, it cannot be reversed.

“Button” is a Sensor (i.e., it senses and reports and single event: pushed or held, but not released). By the way: standard conforming button devices do not support receiving any Commands from SmartThings.

“Momentary” is an Actuator (i.e., it can receive Command from SmartThings). It has one and only one possible Command: “pushed()”. There is no “released()” and no duration, etc., etc. Again, with a single Command, there is no way to “reverse it”.

If I understand you Correctly, I believe you’re looking for something like a Mimolite. These are very popular for situations where you need to know if a circuit on a non networked device has been closed.

Take a look and see if this is closer to what you were asking for:


Yay, this is promising.
I’ll get one and try to play with this one…
Thank you so much for being ‘google’ for smartthings.

thank you @tgauchat and @eibyer.