Device Updated

Since yesterday morning none of my devices work. All of them have this device updated thing around the same time. The common thing with all the devices is that they all have this “device updated” listing around the same time in the IDE.

What is this device updated/Entity Update thing within the IDE?


I believe it happens when a device joins/rejoins and initial configuration commands are execute. At least from what I’ve been seeing when adding devices. I’ve noticed this a lot recently with zigbee devices in my environment. If you haven’t emailed support, please do because your issue doesn’t sound good.

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I will once I can get home tonight and pull the plug on my hub and pull the batteries. I haven’t had control of my devices for almost 36 hrs

as @johnconstantelo mentioned this happens when a node drops off the network. What probably happened is there was a node that was a central piece in relaying messages to your devices. After it dropped it wasn’t able to rejoin the mesh and your messages can’t be relayed anymore.

Try rebooting your hub and rebuilding your z-wave network.