Device Unknown entries shown for some devices in New App

I migrated to the new app yesterday. Although many devices are shown correctly, there are many now shown as “Unknown device”. Nothing can be done with them. I cannot find any obvious difference in the IDE between devices that are fine and the unknown device ones. They can be just about any type of device (switches, smoke detectors etc); some display, others of the identical type are shown as Unknown device.
Tried clearing data and restarting, reinstalling the app. No difference.
Classic app still shows everything correctly and everything still works as expected. I just can’t get the new app to display the devices correctly! TIA James

Contact ST support and ask them to remove the unknown devices. They occur for a select few after migrating.
Or use menu > contact us in the new app
Or call if it is available in your region

Thank you :slight_smile: Would removing them not actually remove the devices from the installation? They are real, wanted, devices, but don’t seem to be identified by the new app.

Contact St support and see what they say. If you feel they are some of your current devices then do not delete. I was just pointing out, there have been some users reporting unknown devices popping up after migration that were not linked to any of their existing devices. I had the same after my migration a long tIme ago and I just deleted them. But that is my story.

Support can help you figure out what they are :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll call them monday.