[Device UI] Capabilities show "checking status.." in the dashboard view

I don’t think this one has been mentioned here previously, and I’m not certain it only happens with Edge devices, but I’ve seen it numerous times with my Edge devices:

The state value displayed on the dashboard get’s ‘stuck’ - either showing ‘Checking status…’, or other times some previous state, while the details screen always shows the correct value. I suspect this is a problem with capabilities or the mobile app itself (iOS); I don’t know how it could be a fault with the driver, since all it can do is emit the attribute update and if it’s showing correctly on the details screen, but not on the dashboard, I think that says it’s not somehow my fault as the developer!

Hi, I separated this into a new topic to discuss further.
There are different things that can cause the “checking status…” message:

  • The capability you selected for Dashboard > states doesn’t have a configuration in this section of its presentation.
  • Some capabilities concatenate the value of the attribute and its unit. The message appears if one of those values has a null value.
    • This also happens for the capabilities that only show the attribute (its value shouldn’t be null)
  • An issue with the plugin (this happens for the standard capabilities)

So, here you can mention which ones do you see with this error so I can check more details about it.
Also, you work on iOS, right?

The ‘Checking status…’ message is one I’m currently seeing with the Smoke detector standard capability. It was working fine yesterday, but started showing that today, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the presentation json.

And smoke detector wouldn’t have any units. I just simply emit the value that is received when a command is received.

Not sure what you are referring to when you say ‘plugin’?

And yes, this is on iOS.

This was previously reported, it is not affecting only Edge drivers. If you see it in another capability, please, let me know.

I mean, there’s an issue with how the capability is displayed in the app.

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I have also seen the ‘Checking status…’ message with devices with NO state (intentionally) defined for the dashboard. But it is only occasionally and seem to go away after a bit.

So perhaps the case where the dashboard is showing an incorrect state - not matching what is on the details screen - is a separate issue. What can I provide you to help diagnose this? Should I do a hub log dump and send to the build ID when I see it again?

You can share the device presentation (VID) and I can monitor it on my side.
When something out of the ordinary (like this) happens only in the app, it won’t be shown in the Hub logs.
Also, for issues in the SmartThings App, you can go to Menu (three lines symbol at the bottom-right corner) > Settings > Contact us > Report a problem. This generates a log that is sent to the Customer Support team and they can help you analyze the issue in the app.