Device Types / Monoprice Motion Sensors

Just a maybe dumb question here. Why would you use the custom device for the Monoprice motion sensor and not just pair it as a AEON multi? I paired mine as such, and it works well. Is there an advantage to it?

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I modified the aeon multi code for myself for these, just to take out the tiles that aren’t needed. The custom code posted in here also takes out the fluff if I remember, but it didn’t work as well for me.

@rdelavega, for a few reasons, some being to remove all the code that isn’t needed, and others for the look/feel that the new tile attributes bring with app 2.0.

Will try the new device, then. Do you know if this one works as well for the GoControl Motion sensors? I’m pretty sure they’re both the same.

They are exactly the same. I have both Monoprice and GoControl motion sensors.

I installed your device type for my GoContol motion sensors and followed the instructions of opening them up to force a restart. Temp and motion work great however I get no battery reading? I also tried pulling the battery and reinstalling with no luck. Any thoughts?

Sometimes that can get delayed for whatever reason, but it should show up eventually. I have one under my deck that took forever to get everything reporting. These are finicky devices, but generally work well.

Thanks! I’ll wait it out.

Thanks for the MonoPrice code. However, I need a bit of guidance as a newbee. I cut and pasted the code and saved and published the new device type. I can see it in the my device types tab. However, I can’t fine it on the mobile app. I also created your battery app and I see it in the my apps and also see it in the mobile device and it works fine. What am I missing for the Monoprice Motion device type?

Just put the ST hub in general pairing mode and follow Monoprice’s instructions on how to pair. It should recognize it as such.

Thanks I was expecting to see it in the Device list, It did recognize it. No Battery yet but Ill be patient and remove the battery a few times

I am using your device type for my GoControl motion sensor and it’s working awesome. I have my jumper in test but how do I change the motion to 10 seconds via the Preference of the device via the ST app preference?

Thanks again for the device handler.

I have a question about the motion sensor timeout…
I read somewhere that putting the jumper on TEST will make it check every 10 seconds.
Then this doc which you posted says it’ll change it to every 5 seconds.

However, putting the jumper on TEST in my case didn’t change anything.

Also, I now have your device handler in there.

It used to be about 4 minutes (useless for a night-light I’m adding to my mix), but now I think it may be down to a minute (most likely helped by your device handler). This is better, but still not what I need for this device in this particular use case.

Any ideas on how to get it to actually check/report motion state sooner?

Update: One more question…
With some other devices, there is a necessity to click the ‘Configure’ button in the ST app while the device is ready to receive programming. Is there anything like that needed in order to get the new device handler info over to the motion sensor device?

I did change it correctly in the IDE, but the only thing that changed was that it shortened the motion reporting time from 4 minutes down to 1 minute. :confused:

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Does it have to be in TEST mode while initially paired? If so, that may be part of my problem. All I did was go open it up and put the jumper on. Wait…no…I also completely removed it from my ST hub (temporarily backing it out of all related SmartApps, etc), and re-paired it, and changed its device handler in the IDE.

Is there something else I need to do to get it to work properly?

As of now, it seems to be only intermittently (or perhaps it’s just very seldom, I don’t know) reporting motion properly, and seems to reset at about one minute.

The problem may be that I’m comparing it to some other motion sensors I have. With these other ones (I have a few of the PEQ ones that were exactly like the ST ones, and an Aeon 4-in-1 multi-sensor), it seems like they notice and acknowledge (in ST app) almost immediately, but with this GoControl one, I can sometimes walk right past it right in front of it, and it appears to ignore me like I was never there.

Where the heck is this thing really looking? Geez, I guess I better go get some more documentation so I know the effective range too. I just have it sitting on the floor pointing away from the wall, close to the doorway to the bedroom in order to notice feet/legs entering the room (for integration with the night-lights, etc). Is it possible that I’m too close to it and it’s more intended to be up on a wall, looking at the whole room from afar?

I don’t know if it has to be before it’s paired unfortunately but I can tell you it definitely WAS before I paired it with the ST hub since I was using it like that with my Wink hub before I moved over to SmartThings.

Maybe the Monoprice has different firmware or something?

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@sgnihttrams @Navat604,

It looks like the jumper on the monoprice sensors may not actually do anything based on your findings. Even though Ecolink produced the circuit board, they probably limited the monoprice version as to not overlap with their own sensor where the jumper does work. That actually doesn’t surprise me since they wanted to ensure product differentiation to justify the higher price.

Unfortunately adjusting for anything below 1 minute can’t be done either based on what their documentation states.

If you need a motion sensor with a smaller timeout period, you could use Ecolink’s, but I’ve found the Iris motion sensors to be 30 seconds. I was just looking at the code for these, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that couldn’t be made even smaller by using a custom device type. I may try and do some experimenting with one of mine tonight and let you know if I can get it smaller.

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OK, so…I guess I need a chart or something lol
I’ve heard these referred to as Ecolink, Monoprice, GoControl, and Linear (WAPIRZ-1 which is on the ID sticker of this one).
Mine came in a GoControl ratail package from HD, and has a Linear (WAPIRZ-1) part number ID sticker.
Other than that, which is which out there?

Actually, I think one I have in the garage may be Monoprice. I’m going to check on it, and see if putting the jumper that it came with on TEST does anything to it.

By the way, big thanks for checking on it like that, @johnconstantelo

I had an Ecolink in my garage and hated. I could stand in front of it and would just look at… Doing nothing.

I use the Enerwave ceiling mount in there now and love it. It resets in 15 seconds and reports very fast… Also runs local in hub V2

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Did you use the ‘test mode’ though?

I out jumpers on them both and the best timeout I could get was one minute.

My biggest problem was that it just would not detect motion. Not that it wasn’t reporting, but no detection at all. No flashing light say all… I put in New batteries and everything.