Device type mismatch on ST app

I’m currently integrating humidifier device type with ST app.

However, I could not display correct device type (humidifier) in the detailView.
(Icon on top of following image seems etc-typed(?) device)

Edit: Also, this device type image is also shown when initially integrating my service with ST app.

It seems that device type (humidifier) correctly displayed in the dashboard(but not on detailView).
(I think device image shown in the following image seems humidifier…)

I’ve checked that Device Type in my device profile is declared as “Humidifier” (and OCF Device Type: “”)

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

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I noticed the other day that the using the humidifier device type resulted in a rather pleasing animated icon on the dashboard, but any brownie points ST might have been given for this were immediately lost by there not being an icon on the details view at all. In my case I was tweaking a Groovy device handler on an already installed device so I didn’t get to see what might have happened on pairing.

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Thank you for sharing your integration experience.
I’m also satisfied with the animated humidifier device icon.

Hope to see this icon in the detailView too :wink:

What humidifier are you using? St app seems to only support miro and luna square (never heard of luna)

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Oh… I’m currently asking this issue by assuming a virtual device with a humidifier type at this time(Just about humidifier type support issue in ST app).