Device Type for Kitchler DesignPro Transformer

So I just installed a Kitchler DesignPro LED Transformer for our landscape lights that has Z-Wave. Now it can be the z-wave controller but it can also get added to an existing network which is what I’ve done. When adding it to my network it has shown up as a Z-Wave Device Multichannel with 7 channels. Now here is the issue, the controller has 6 zones plus a master so that makes up the 7 channels. However Channel 1 != Zone 1 but the master switch for all zones (meaning I have two master switches, the device itself and channel 1) and channel 2 == Zone 1. Yes I can rename everything but having two controls for the master all zones on/off is going to get confusing.

So my question is, how do I go about writing a custom device type for this controller that removes Channel 1 == Master, and puts it inline with the actual device?

Edit: Wording, it’s hard.

Does the master come up as the main tile? Is that what you want?

Looking at the “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” DTH in GitHub I’m not sure if it can be customized a lot as the child switches look to be dynamically created (which I didn’t think was possible).

The device itself comes up as the main tile and then has a list of “Switch Endpoint X” underneath, 7 in total. Now Switch Endpoint 1 == Master and the Main title, so it’s duplicated. Ideally it would be the Main Tile and then the 6 individual channels/zones underneath it.

Ultimately a device type that would let you get the wattage/amperage for each zone/channel and the current configured schedule would be awesome. I don’t know if the device exposes this information, though from their application available to download for controlling the device if it is a Z-Wave Master seems to have it available.

I’d be happy to grab whatever information I can from the device for anyone.