Device type code request for on/off shield (example)

Hi, May I request if anyone have the code for ‘On/Off Shield (Example)’? Its been removed from the templates (although still selectable from Device Type list). The one in the templates does not have the ‘Hello’ Tile and the valueTile that displays ‘Colours!’.

Thanks in Advance!

Here you go. Can’t promise it’ll be up forever.

Sorry if I’m violating anything, just trying to help out.

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@keithcroshaw attached the example sketches, but I don’t think the Device Handler with the Tiles you describe are included.

I was just playing with the same Sketch last night, actually, and added my own Tiles of sorts.

I feel like everything is here:

Didn’t really double check.

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Yup… Thanks for the link.

The piece missing from your ZIP was the Device Handler, but it is linked in the Documentation page… Perfect!

It’s funny I couldn’t find it a week ago but I found it under “templates” in the IDE. I think everything is happily put together nicely in the docs now thanks to @Jim, good job!

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