Device type changed on it's own

I starting having issues with my Desk ZXT-120 IR sender again today and when I looked in the ide logs I realized the output matched the wrong device type code.

I checked the device and sure enough I have two versions of device code for this device, one is in beta testing and adds learning mode for IR signals. The is the ZXT-120 I use that code on however somehow it was switched back to my non-beta version.

Why would a device type change on it’s own ? Has anyone else ever seen this happen ?

I had this happen this morning, but I just assumed that I had somehow switched the type on the wrong device entry. Didn’t enter a ticket since I couldn’t be 100% sure it wasn’t me. Glad that there’s a chance that I’m not losing it (entirely…)

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I am 100% sure I didn’t change mine. I haven’t worked in the ide for months (can’t deal with the instability of the environment during my testing.)

This device was working yesterday and stopped working today so I know it happened somewhere between last night and this morning.

Do they both have the same Signature?

Regardless… This doesn’t surprise me at all and I believe I’ve also experienced it in the past and just chalked it up to crappy database management / minor corruption.

I think they would have to have the same signature wouldn’t they. I have two versions of my code for the same device, one stable and one beta. I would think that would be a standard thing to do. I have 5 zxt-120 devices and only use the beta on one of them.

Yup… that would be typical.

However, if you are manually assigning a beta Device Type to a Device instance, then the signature is no longer relevant, I believe. The signature is only used at the time a device is added.

Then again, I have devices marked as “unconfigured” very frequently, and that’s another window of opportunity for a glitch to occur.

From a debugging standpoint, I would not rule out the system refreshing your Device table and relying on the signature to find a best match. But that doesn’t help provide a workaround. That still would be a serious bug.