Device type "2015 Samsung Smart TV"


Anyone have any documentation on what can be done after manually adding this device type via the IDE?

There is also an option to add “2016 Samsung Smart TV”

Control Samsung Smart TV from SmartThings?

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Nothing at this time. This device requires a Service Manager and cannot be added in directly from the IDE.

(Kyle ) #5

Search: Samsung ip integration - ive done it, works with mine - can send remote commands over lan :slight_smile:

(Robin) #6


Can you expand on this please? I have searched for Samsung IP integration but nothing of use comes up.

I have a 2015 Samsung Smart TV and would love to get it hooked up to Smartthings, even if it’s just being able to send an off command when we leave the house.

(David Currie) #7

So, any more info would be amazing!