Device stuck in Rule Machine

Looking for help with deleting Basement Door from Rule Machine. It’s listed under Settings in RM, it’s not part of a rule.

Go to my locations in the ide, then list smart apps, click the edit button (upper right), then Delete the rule from the list.
Do not delete the parent node, rule machine

The device Basement Door is not included in any rules, it’s only tie to RM is in the screenshot where it’s listed under the settings section. So I don’t see a way to remove it using the instructions you provided.

Go into rule machine. Create a new rule. Choose that device as the only device. Tap done.
Tap done adhesive to leave rule machine.
Go back into rule machine. Delete the rule you just created.

This has worked for me before.

That didn’t work. :disappointed:

Here’s how it looks in the app.
I don’t have a rule named Rule Machine.

Ah, the device in question was selected in custom commands, go in there and unselect it…

Woot! That was it, thanks!

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