Device state mismatch...lights won't turn off

Hey guys,

I have a bunch of Lutron Casetas in my house that have various automations set.

I have my front porch lights set to turn off in the morning at sunrise but they haven’t been turning off. The lights show as off when they are on sometimes and vice versa, but nothing is wrong with the connection because when go onto the app and click on or off, they will change state accordingly. They’re only about 30 feet from my hub so connection shouldn’t be an issue. I’m guessing that when sunrise comes around, it skips turning the lights off because they already show as off on the app, but if I open the app and click the off button, they’ll turn off, so again , it’s not a connection issue.

I tried removing and re-adding the lights to ST by deleting them directly in the Lutron app and then re-adding but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Reboot your lutron bridge and router