Device Settings Panel Out of Sync on Smartthings UI

Writing and testing new drivers. Recently, I have found that the Settings Panel is out of sync with the driver or settings.

  1. I selected the Z-Wave Device Config MC driver.
  2. The settings panel may take several (15 or more) minutes before the Settings panel is updated.
  3. I edit the Settings to select a differ “ZWave Device Action”
  4. The settings panel will not reflect the new action for several minutes, if ever.

Note that I have done various actions: select a different device, restarted the SmartThings App, etc to try to get the Settings panel to update with no success.

Note that using the SmartThings devices:capability-status cli call will give the correct settings for the action that I have chosen. However, the SmartThings App Panel is not up to date.


Hi @harobinson

When you switch from one panel (profile) to another, if you use android you have to clear app cache the first time you select that profile. The following changes do not need to clear the cache.

In iOS it seems that it is more complicated, but I don’t know, I use Android