Device Security?

I’m very new to the Zigbee Zwave stuff here, so I’m hoping someone one with experience can shed some light on this…

My understanding is that this stuff is supposed to be relatively plug and play… that is the Hub will look for equipment and when it sees it, it’ll add it to the network to be used.  But does the equipment have to be put into a pairing modes similar to a BT item in order for it to connect?  I’d hate to think that someone could just setup a temporary hub by my house and gain access to all my wireless items.

So to put the hub in pairing mode you need to be logged into your account. You put the hub in pairing mode by adding a device on the mobile app. So the hub only looks for hardware when you tell it to. Devices pair differently, but most Z-Wave devices is a single button click on the device. Same goes for all of our “Things.” Some ZigBee devices you push a button 4 times, or hold it, etc etc.

This is known as a “handshake” and really adds to the security as you physically have to interact with the device to pair it.