Device restrictions not displaying correctly in dashboard

I’ll try a new thread as I didn’t receive any replies in the peer assistance thread.

I’ve noticed some devices (specifically a virtual switch in the example below) don’t display correctly in the dashboard (but they do in the app).

The two circled references are actually the same device (I realise I don’t need them in both places but added to illustrate my issue). They always display correctly at the top (i.e. If it’s a global restriction for the whole piston) but not when it’s a restriction for certain actions.

Any ideas?

Same here.

I posted this in the CoRE peer assistance thread a week or so ago, didn’t get a response. Doesn’t look like we’ll get one here either.
Is it all your devices that aren’t displaying correctly, or just selected?

The only time they display as shown for me is in action restrictions. They are showing their GUID (I think that’s what it’s called) rather than the name. @ady624 is hard at work on the web-based version of CoRE as a replacement to the current CoRE app so I’m not sure how much, if any, work is happening on enhancing the current version of CoRE. The restrictions should function correctly, it’s just the display name that’s showing up like this, correct?

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Yeah the pistons work fine, it’s really only about the device display ‘name’ (just makes it a little more challenging when reviewing the pistons in the dash and trying to remember what the restrictions are)
Not a major problem at all, but I was just wondering why it was the case, as its only some devices that display incorrectly.

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